Monday, October 31, 2022

Upcoming dates: Half Day reminders! Friday November 4th and Monday November 7th are 1/2 days for conferences. If you pick up your child, pick up time is 11:40am. They will still be served lunch at school on half days. November 11th NO SCHOOL in honor of Veterans Day

Fall 2022

2nd graders have been busy learning inside and outside of the classroom! Here are some photos from the past few weeks.
Making flags for our forest space! Cooking in the garden. We made hummus and used freshly harvested herbs!
BEEC came and we learned about pollinators and seed dispersal.
Harvesting, planting garlic and cleaning up the garden! 2nd graders are hard workers!
We have beeen learning a lot about leaves and it was also our theme for the Enchanted Forest. Here we are working on making leaf creatures and leaf crowns!

Monday, September 26, 2022

First few weeks in second grade!

Second grade has been busy learning our routines and establishing our classroom norms and culture. In between we have done a lot of learning and even some cooking with our garden Vegetables! For something fun to do at home, have your child teach you a second grade math game!

Wednesday, August 17, 2022


Hello 2nd Grade Families! 

     Welcome to the 2022/ 2023 school year. I am really excited to meet all of the students and families in the coming weeks. Before we meet, here are few dates and some helpful information to pass along. 

 A couple dates to remember:

Tuesday, August 30th- First day of school! 

Students should arrive between 8:10- 8:25  (the bell rings at 8:25 and ideally students are settled into classrooms at that time)  

Monday, August 29th - Meet and Greet in the classroom, please drop by for a few minutes between 2-3pm, see the classroom and say hello! 

Morning Procedures:

All students should arrive at school between 8:10-8:25 am; breakfast will be served in the classroom at 8:25. If your child needs to be dropped off before 8:10 they should go directly out to the playground.  We ask that the children do not come to the classroom to drop off belongings before 8:10. Students should line up at the outside, back recess door when the bell rings. 

Extra Clothes and Shoes:

  In our class, we do spend quite a bit of time outside so proper footwear for walking into the forest is necessary. It would be helpful to send in a bag with a full change of clothes/shoes for your child. You may leave the bag of extra clothes and shoes at school for when it is needed.

Breakfast and Lunch

We continue to offer free breakfast and lunch for all students this year. We feel really fortunate to offer this and ask that you please take a few minutes each month to fill out the breakfast and lunch forms at home. Of course, you may still send your child in with a home lunch or have them eat breakfast at home.  We do find most children like the option of having a school meal even if they plan to eat at/from home, so adding a school meal is always beneficial. 

Here are the links for September:



I look forward to talking to you all in the coming weeks, please reach out if you have any questions. 

Liz Casarella 

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

                                                      Beet Cupcakes

The January Harvest of the Month was Beets.  We decided what better way to eat them, than to bake them up in a delicious cupcake! Needless to say we all enjoyed them! 

                                                            Mixing the batter... 

                                                             Measuring ingredients- 

                                                Pouring the liquid mixture into the dry mixture

                                                                      Filling the cupcake liners! 

                                                                Fresh out of the oven! 

                                                  Making Butter! 

We have been studying states of matter in science and wanted to see what happened when we took a liquid, heavy cream, and really shook it! Well, after a lot of shaking we found a couple different things, we made whipped cream, which turned into butter and strained out some buttermilk. So we ended up with a solid and a different kind of liquid. Wow! Second graders have really been enjoying eating butter on crackers. We are hoping to use the buttermilk to bake with soon too! 

                                                             Enjoying the butter! 

                                                                     Shaking the butter!

                                                     Nature Art

We had a great time collecting items from nature, arranging them in trays and pouring water in to freeze them. Once frozen we hung them in our forest space!